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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Towards greater balance, and circuit tolerance!

I realised the true nature of driving today (or at least a simulated part of it). How much can one driver's limit be tested before he cracks, and starts endangering the entire junction with blinded judgement?

Inside the sheltered environs of a circuit, I found myself waiting impatiently at a T-junction as many budding jeep and 5-tonner drivers struggled to tame the apparently wild beasts. My finger came very close towards getting glued permanently to the horn button on my bike. Though I didn't use it at all in the end, that I found myself extremely annoyed at these drivers (who obviously had the right of way) was an interesting, and perhaps disturbing revelation about me. Am I a impatient jerk, a potential road bully?

Perhaps what saved my day was my addiction to popular music. I started to hum my favourite tune (from Martika -- Toy Soldiers), and it made the waiting seemed all that easier to take. However, it seems that some of my fellow course mates couldn't take the pressure. They decided to overtake me, and drove straight into the jeep's path. They ended up pushing their bikes back to the start point (the instructor was seriously contemplating making them run with the bike).

Balance is an important part of life. Without it, one would be... unbalanced. Anyway, we had plenty of it today, after all the balancing tests we went through today, with promises of more tomorrow, we were quite tired of the bike!

The complete test course includes a 6 second driving act on a long flat log (one cannot fall off or stay for less than 6 seconds), ribbed log, a figure-8 course, and finally, a mini-salom. Fail any of the items, and the whole test is a gone case.

I managed to pass all the items on the two assessment they made me do, which is good. Because if that were not the case, I would still be at the circuit making rounds instead of ranting over here!

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