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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Bike course speeds up

Yes! I've finally passed my highway code test! 48 out of 50 marks could hardly count as a safe pass though, because obviously I got two questions wrong, and goodness knows what mistake I will make on the road, as I have no idea what went wrong (we never did get our papers back).

So now it is on to bigger things, like the highway situation problem test, in which we are tasked with crossing junctions safely. Judging from the lessons so far, it is simply a rigid set of answers which the tester wants from you. However, the memory work required is driving my brain nuts!

"Beware of traffic coming from left going straight, oncoming turning left. Check rear mirror, blind spot, beware of vehicles turning with you, beware of pedestrians, tap horn to warn motorcyclists..........." <-- Can't believe I am supposed to parrot it out whole.

So far, riding lessons are pretty fun, and tiring at the same time. We rode our bikes in standing position, and I must admit, attempting to grip the petrol tank with my ankles while trying to push my stomach in and jutting out my chest proved trying to my previously undeveloped muscle groups. The end result? Many weak legs which trembled uncontrollably. I even had problems dismounting from the bike without dropping it!

Resistance training, anyone?

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