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Sunday, May 30, 2004


It is with a sombre mood that I share this, even though I have expected it for some time.

The rejection letter from NUS (National University of Singapore) came in my mailbox. Frankly speaking, I was not really holding my breath for an entry at all, given my dismal A level scores.

That said, I think I can carry on with my plans to re-take the exam. Forget about the C and Ds I've gotten. Time to look ahead, and plan. I am going to shock everyone with triple As, so much so that this time, I will be the ones rejecting universities clamouring for my grace. That is my vision.

I remembered that two years ago, just after I've gotten my O level results, I was planning to give Junior College education a shot. I've managed to pass it, which definitely proves to me that I have the ability to score. Time was not on my side, and I must say, I did exceed my expectations.

Time to surf the Internet for private tuition courses! Watch this space. I promise that three years from now (that will be when I am discharged from my national service duties), you will see positive news on my exam results this time!

Excerpt from the rejection letter:

Thank you for applying to NUS. Due to extremely tough competition, I am sorry that your application for admission to National University of Singapore (NUS) has not been successful.

Please be assured that your application was treated carefully and thoroughly. Admission to NUS is very competitive as a large number of talented students, such as you, apply each year. However, the number of places for the course you have applied is limited and hence, we have arrived at this very difficult decision.

If you are reapplying for a change in course as a place had been reserved for you at NUS due to full time National Service commitments, please be assured that your place reserved is still valid.

We appreciate your interest in NUS and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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