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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Erractic blogging

Apologies for the tardiness of my posts.. These few days at the bike course have been trying for my overworked brain... How does one cope with studying for the highway code and highway situation problem tests, while remembering the steps to turn?

I earned myself a knock on my helmet on Wednesday when I accidentally threw the clutch in first gear, which resulted in me overshooting the stop line, and I stopped in the middle of the T-junction, where other learner jeeps and motorcyclists struggled to avoid me, even at their snail paces.

After much chastising, I could not possible forget that lesson! Anyway, from what I heard from the instructors, it seems that the actual circuit riding test involves much acting, or wayang, as one might say in Singlish. We would have to check the mirrors every few second, turn the head to check the blind spot, essentially turning the whole affair literally into a lion dance with all that head turning.

Now that it is all temporarily past me, I can finally let my hair down. With the thermometer bursting its bulb at 30 degrees centigrade (even at night), I decided to pamper myself with an aggressive swim with my friends. However, the huge crowd there (it seems that hot weather is a huge driving factor in Singapore) made it impossible to complete laps properly without encountering a head-on collision with another swimmer. We gave up on the swim and decided to watch "Troy" instead.

To save time, we went to a cinema chain nearby, which happened to belong to a company which I had a bad experience with in the past. Wanting to give it a second chance at proving its worth, I relented on my usual complains, and gave up my crisp ten dollar note.

It proved to be a costly mistake. Firstly, the movie happened to be almost 3 hours long, which made me extremely restless (couldn't get all that energy out of my system at the swimming pool), the seats stank to high heaven, and (to my extreme horror), I spotted cockroaches scuttering around on the floor. One even had the audacity to invade a girl's shirt, which raised a small commotion as she endeavoured (read: screamed) to remove it... ... Needless to say, I'm never patronising that chain ever again.

Just to prevent any possible lawsuit, I am not mentioning the guilty party's name, lest I have to get funding to fight a court case! It does not hurt, however, to mention that this company has a cinema in both Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh...

Post Edited: It seems that attempting to type at 1 a.m. in the morning has profound effects on one's ability to produce grammatically sound English. I seek your kind understanding... (In fact, I do believe that I am just about the only Singaporean blogger who bothers to type in prim and proper structures...)

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