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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Blog reborn?

Yawn... It appears to me that this blog is still mired in the deep bowels of the Internet, and apparently, I am expected to harbour no hopes of being rescued from this virtual rubbish dump unless Google, or any other search engine decides to show some grace, and finally give me some decent exposure on their search result pages. No matter. My optimistic nature dictates that I soldier on, regardless of the unsurmountable task (I've always liked that word). My blog shall be as famous as Microsoft's website (my mission), and I shall be adding tons of laden blog posts to achieve the vision!

Fame. Reportedly, it seems that people of my star sign (I am a Leo) have an incurable addiction to being in the spotlight. I guess that it does apply to me. I am seeking attention through my blog. Perhaps this is a manifestation of an extremely deprived childhood? (In case you were wondering, I did not play with teddies, nor did I ram toy cars against each other. I just, well... slept.)

I took the time to get down to SAFRA (the local club for national servicemen) to redeem the "free" gift they said they were going to give me to sign up for their 5-year membership plan. Being the sucker for deals, I went along, and judging from the product they were giving me in exchange for my $150, I figured that I would be better off spending the bus fare (a mind boggling $3 in total, not including another side trip I took to procure some decent biking equipement) on a decent tube of ice-cream. I could use some fattening before the huge slaughtering when I start my scout course.

In case you were wondering, my writing seems to have taken a significant change from all that weary details of my life. Well, I have decided to focus more on my thinking, instead of documenting my life (I could have used a diary for that!). Now, that should bring in the crowd!

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