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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Driving a matter of course

As I was chosen to be a signaler (or rather, chosen to ride a bike, and consequently, be a signaler), I am being sent on course to learn to ride a motorcycle.

The course briefing was yesterday, and my, the restrictions are so shocking. I will not be allowed to take any leave, apply for offs, or arrange any specialist appointments during the entire one month of the course! In addition to that, the Course Orderly Executive threatened to put anyone of us who does anything wrong to be out of course!

Talk about a positive head-start! :rolls eyes:

Anyway, I went back to my college to pay a visit to the teachers there, and found that I could dunk my favourite teachers, and all proceeds from the dunking would go towards a pocket money fund for needy students. I obliged, not merely out of generosity, but also out of the admiration for the teachers who thought nothing of being dunked! I also got to vent up my pent-up frustration in the morning while I am at it! That's three birds with a stone.

As my platoon sergeant would say, it is "absolutely outside-standing".

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