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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Prepare for tardy posts

I know that it is premature to do so, but I do need to beg your pardon for any tardiness in my posting. Even though the posts will still come on their respective times, they will only appear at one shot during the weekend, if it so happens that I am in camp that week. As I am a stay-in personnel, I am expected to be in the camp the entire week, with Saturdays and Sundays being my book out days. The reason why I am blogging so aggressively is that I am on a motorbike course, which is stay-out (which means I can get home, turn on my computer, and crap on this blog!)

My course will end somewhere at the start of June, and that is when I would have to report back to camp. That will mean the end of daily updates (as you would technically expect it to be). However, I will try to keep a chronological log of my blogs in camp, and try to upload them all at one shot during the weekends.

Meanwhile, I will rant all I can during the whole duration of my stay-out course!

I do sincerely hope that my effort will be rewarded by your viewership. So... come back often!

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