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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Shackness Galore

(Finally managed to get into this site! I kept getting the "server busy" message when I tried to log in earlier. Guess this web server was overloaded by the sheer number of users!)

The bike course is proving to be more tiring than I thought! There are tons of simultaneous steps to even move off, something which I managed to get upside down on my first try, earning me a sharp knock on my helmet from the instructor... I opened the throttle, then set to first gear, accidentally released the clutch too fast, which resulted in me jerking forward (nearly up the far kerb!)

However, after much hard work (compounded with "choice" words from the instructors), I managed to get on the road, and successfully go up to the third gear (previous experience with a bicycle has finally paid off), and tackle easy bends. My reward? I got to leave the place before the rest (only 4 people from my group got away from the tenacious grip of Remedial Training).

I ended up falling asleep on the bus, and nearly missed my stop.

I guess that tomorrow will be another interesting day for me, even as I tackle the Yamaha...

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