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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Leap through another hurddle!

Just finished another major test yesterday. The Highway Situation Problems Test is one of the more challenging of all the tests that any driver in the SAF would take. It is essentially a board with a 2D view of many different types of roads, junctions. The tester would put models of various vehicles to simulate different traffic situations. They would then expect you to explain (without any prejudice to any details) how you would overcome the situation.

The tough part of the whole test is not really about "forgetting to mention the important parts", but rather the pressure the tester puts you in, with their extremely hostile attitude towards you. To put across the point, they position the stop-watch such that they are able to start it as if they were timing a swimming athlete...

A maximum of 5 scenarios would be set out, and a minimum of 3 perfect scenarios are needed to achieve a pass. Making a mistake will render you a fail in that particular scenario. Tough indeed.

I thought I was in for a good start, when the tester appeared docile and subdued (contrary to complaints from earlier test takers). However, he pounced on me immediately when I forgot to "check that my exit was clear".

The good news was that I was able to trudge through the other three scenarios he put me through, but not without plenty of linguistic flaws. I ended up describing everything in a typical Singaporean flavour, with all the "lors", "huhs" creeping their way into my speech. But who cares, I managed to pass, and that is all that matters to me.

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