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Monday, May 31, 2004


This is it! I've passed the military public road test for my motorcycle, which means that I can be zipping around on the road soon. But the catch is that my licence will limit me to military vehicles, which really takes the wind out of the news...
The civilian test appears to be a tough nut to crack, according to some of my friends who are currently taking it. The traffic police screens out many people every test (the passing rate is an appallingly low 47%!) I was initially shocked by the figure. Were this coming from an academic school in Singapore, it would have been thrown into Davy Jones' locker, or relagated to the ruins of Infamy!
Now, even as I mull over whether to pursue a civilian licence (it sure would be helpful to ride to my camp, as it is about 40 km away, just about the other side of the island), the realities hit me. Being a military personnel would mean no time off to pursue the lessons, let alone take the test. This means that I would have to go for the lessons on Saturday and Sundays. Probably not too bad a sacrifice though. How much suffering would that amount to, if I can have the leisure of driving to camp? (After all, it is located in some extremely isolated part of the island...)
Now, how do I get to that driving centre...

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