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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Personality Diagnosis

Inspired by [ ::> Badaunt's post <:: ], I have decided to take the same test.

I am diagnosed as Histronic!

70% Histrionic isn't exactly the lowest of values, especially when the rest of the web is only 43% histrionic. Do you see the diagnostic in my blog writings?

On the topic of personality tests, I took one by matching my personality to a famous leader in the world. Coincidentally, I got matched to Bill Clinton, to who I look up to as a role model. It just so happens that he and I share the same birthday, August 19th!

I am a social chameleon! I change my personality in accordance to the people I am around. Probably a good complement to my histrionic personality?

If the diagnosis is correct, then that might explain my dominatrix stance towards some of my friends, and why others see a pussy cat in front of them.

I finished my tour of duty on Jurong Island recently, and I have seen some really interesting things.

Fact #01: Long trailers travel faster than the average car

Fact #02: Long trailers do not need to obey traffic rules (I have seen some of them travelling against the traffic flow, and most of them don't even bother to stop at red lights)

Fact #03: Jurong Island stinks (the plethora of alkanes, alkenes, esters, and other petrochemical derivative mixes together to form a deadly drowsy concoction that strangulates appetite, murder the lungs)

Fact #05: People like to stare at the handsome young man sitting at the back of a truck mounted with a 7.62mm calibre weapon (especially when he is wearing that cool shades under the hot sun)

Fact #06: The same young man gets burnt by the sun by day, and the clouds make sure he gets his appropriate amount of water per day (though the method of delievery is slightly inaccurate)

Fact #07: The truck drivers drive like those trailer drivers (see facts #01 and 02)

Interestingly, the frequent police patrols always look the other way at all the balatant abuse of the road. I have long since given up hope, and have since concentrated on hoping that the Light patrol vehicle that I am on doesn't collide head on with these trailers.

I would hate to bother the road cleaners with this little mess.

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