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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The passage of Time...

Time does fly: As I go through all my old entries (I like to read them as my own diaries!), I have realised how much I have gone through — already, I am staring at my first trip to Taiwan.

Meanwhile, so many people have come in and out of my life: acquaintances and friends, contacts lost when the magic touch of a face to face meeting is no longer there: sacrificial lambs to our unceasing progress in life. At this point in time, the radio station happens to play [>>> Vitamin C's Graduation (Friends Forever) <<<], bringing my already poignant mental state to its peak. I would rather not think of it as a weakness on my part, but a regret at not contacting the many people who I have chatted, joked, played with.

Perhaps making things worse, I stumbled upon my very own [>>> Death Clock <<<], of which I doubt the veracity (working on the line and all that). Oh dear, perhaps it is time for me to start doing some catching up with my friends!

A rather shocked Platoon Sergeant told me about our flight details a few days ago, and it appears that I, a mere Corporal, was picked to be the packet I/C for one of our flight details — out of so many other sergeants! Initial details were sketchy, but I am suspecting some mischevious manipulation on the part of my friend (who is the liason clerk for my Taiwan trip)...

The flight would be on the morning of 2 April, and in keeping with some weird SAF tradition of flying last/first in a particular day, we are expected to be at the airport at 5 am. That means no train services, bus services, and an entire plane load of people are arriving by taxi! What a windfall for those cabbies eyeing the exhorbitant mid-night surcharge. Sometimes, I wonder whether all these is a nefarious scheme by the govenment to increase spending...

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