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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Me, give tuition?

While I was pondering over the available business opportunities, I chanced upon tutoring as a cash supplement. I have not asked around yet, but it seems that many of my friends are doing it: the market for complementary studies looks lucrative, and the plethora of tuition centres are testimonials to that fact.

Even though things look good, I am quite hesitant to take it up — I am afraid that I might be a deviant teacher imparting the wrong information to some promising young kid, and harm his future (would it be that bad?)

Compound this with the fact that my command of English has probably slid down the sewage pipe (did that expression sit well with you?), I probably am the last resort for parents looking to boost their child's English scores. Scores. They seem to mean everything in this country.

Oh well, two more days on Jurong Island to think it through, and perhaps make some queries! (I am now there to protect some key installation on that island; two days on duty, two others spent loofing at home/typing in my blog/thinking about getting rich).

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