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Sunday, January 02, 2005

I love my blog

There are so many blogs that are online that I can't decide which ones to choose to read!

There are those who write solely about their own lives (maybe Badaunt will agree with me on this), some who love to write about other people's lives, and others who write philosphical stuff that I myself can't understand.

I still don't understand why I am blogging in the first place (Oh no, this person has lost his focus!), perhaps I might be able to find it once I get my usual box of ice-cream to nurse.

What a conflict in writing style, don't you think? I probably will make a mess out of my own blog with this capricious changing of my writing. I bet it probably confused you too. I remembered that I last made a decision to re-direct my blog to write more about my thoughts. It seemed that it isn't quite successful as I would have wanted it to be: I keep slipping into reporting my daily events! To make it worse, I write badly when I am sleepy, angry, or purly crazy!

I still remember the lessons from my English teachers: as with every piece of writing, make sure you are clear about your audience: what would attract them, captivate their attention, and force them into a spell such that they would happily lick up your words like a hungry man (ok, the description is a bit too much, I guess).

So here we go again, a new style of writing on this blog! What do you think?

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