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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Death of Creative TV content in Singapore

A new year dawns upon the land.

A completely new slate fresh from the tree press and ready to be imprinted with stories. Words depicting tales of people, hardship, loyalty, leadership, tenacity.

As such, news from the old year spill over into the new year, episodes and un-paid debts make appearances to haunt the start of the new year.

At exactly 12:00 am 1 January 2005 (GMT +0800), Singapore mourns the passing of creative local TV with the merger of MediaWorks with MediaCorp. MediaWorks has always been a symbol of originality in the local broadcast scene, with plenty of new initiatives and shows that thoroughly entertained Singaporeans, young and old.

However, the vision of competition was mercilessly buried in the back seat as operating costs were held up as reasons for not sustaining MediaWorks, and inevitably, had to be forcibly merged. Artistes from MediaWorks would have to suffer the consequences of having betrayed their former (and future) employer (Since they were artistes who jumped ship from MediaCorp 4 years ago). Viewers would have to suffer the same old monotony of stale content again.

Thank you MediaWorks, for everything:

MediaWorks Logo
2000 - 2004

You can still view MediaWorks' website at The WayBack Machine

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