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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year Resolutions - an obligation?

I have never been one to break traditions, nor do the people who have been in my life remember me as a person to rock the boat. But instead of posting the obligatory "New Year Resolution", I am going to tell you what I will have done by December 2005:

  • My class 2B civilian motorcycle licence, along with a basic bike to boot (I intend to upgrade my licence to the "free for all" class 2 category when I become eligible for it).
  • I will have decided on my next stage of my life: Even though I failed to gain entry into a university, there are many other alternative routes that I can take to receive training in specialised fields - even though it isn't the end of the world, these routes are definitely less trodden, and probably tougher.
  • I will have finally finished my website (long overdue since 1998 *gasp*). Procrastination has been a killer for me this year, so to put myself on the line and finish it, I am going to go for a professional web host to serve my future website. Nothing like a little financial commitment to motivate myself.
  • A business - no solid plans yet, but I am looking into the possibilities of network marketing. Tough concept to grasp (for me due to my lack of an economics background), but I will have read up totally on this business, and have created a proposal and presented it to like-minded friends.
  • Built up a muscle bulk that allows me to sustain 15 chin-ups whenever and wherever I do them.
  • Get the Gold standard for my camp's physical test

I have been there, and tried it: vague resolutions are great for placating beloved ones, but don't do anything to further your personal well being. Hopefully these solid goals are powerful enough to set my direction for 2005 (I get easily distracted by chocolates!)

So what would you have acheived by 31 December 2005?

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