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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Company cohesion: (correction: platoon cohesion)

In a show of division unity, our company went on a trip to Sentosa (a very tourist paradise with pristine beaches, and $1.30 cokes).

Apparently, punctuality is lost (especially by superiors) when they are not in uniform. I was quite struck by the irony of the situation. I barely dragged my half-dead body to Sentosa, and was handsomely rewarded with sights of higher ranking people strolling off the different bus loads. The rest of us were so bored by their tardiness that we started our own breakaway "cohesion".

Finally, when some semblence of an instruction was somehow passed down, the entire herd moved in the general direction of some hall (which turned out to be some over-decorated shed). Workers were setting up temporary struts and other small platforms for the new year countdown. There, we sat twiddling our thumbs, and talking - among our individual cliques.

(I am sure you would have known by now my reason for writing like this...)

A few of us were even bored enough to strip somebody and send him into the welcoming embrace of the equatorial water. Sorry there are no photographs to post here because I am too poor to get a digital camera, not even a low end model.

Essentially things got so dry (the so called cohesion program was actually only a monotanous beach volleyball "league") that many of us broke away and started doing our own stuff. The lechers among us (I am quite sad to report that I am one of them) put on our best shades and took a stroll (swim and dunk) along the beach to (ahem...).

As of this writing, I am having serious reservations on continuing my narration (Yes, it is THAT boring, and I am not that bad a story teller, am I?), so I am going to stop by saying that we ended the whole program with absolutely nothing to take away (nope, my platoon didn't win anything, and would be thankful if relationships were not damaged today, let alone maintained.)

Platoon level cohesion was supposed to be next on the agenda, but as the guys put it, "No mood. Go home. Sleep." (I am quite annoyed that they have succeeded in making my blog entry sound like a teenager's whine. Thanks very much.)

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