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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cobra Challenge training starts

The recent days seem hotter than usual, and my subjective body seems to be right (as usual). I could feel the dry breeze blasting in through my bunk door, and thoroughly dry our mouths - all while we are dozing off inside. It was particularly worse for me (the water buffalo), so I ended up taking frequent trips to the water cooler, which incidentally didn't have time to cool the water properly.

On Friday, we did a 5 km combat run, followed by static physical training. My body actually groaned when the memories of my failed 8 km route march nauseated my mind. The weather was very similar.

I lined up at the front, confident that I would soon need the help of my platoon mates to push me on. As I ran, I not only sweated, I actually rained on the ground in front of me. I only managed to last 3 km before faltering to the back of the whole group.

It made me kind of embarrassed to have to make them wait for me, but they did patiently. (Thank goodness they didn't try to fuss over me - that would have been devastating to me.)

And so I managed to struggle through this week's tough physical training. I was actually surprised my muscles didn't hurt like they used to when I was doing my Basic Military Training.

I seem to be attracting a lot of attention to myself recently. With the high (it was actually meant to be a non-event) profile promotion recently, I found myself in the limelight again when I got nominated to run in the Cobra Challenge.

Right now I am jumping around, unsure whether to bask directly inside the attention that is coming down in a torrent, or to hide (very much against the principles of the Leo in me).

It is sort of a conflict within me. Normally, the way I do things tend to attract people's attention to me. My firebrand style of bursting into the room, the lame jokes that I crack. Now that I've got unwanted attention, right now I just wished I could find a rock and hide inside it.

Anyway, I am still waiting for the whole excitement to die down before I start to seek attention once again. That's me.

[Background Information]

Cobra Challenge is a special endurance race held annually for all units under the 6th Division. Consisting of a 12 km run in combat attire, with rifle shooting mid-way, it is one of the toughest competition Singapore NSFs can go through.

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