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Sunday, June 05, 2005


It is quite ridiculous that I am so predictable. It gets worse when I realise that I am unpredictably predictable.

The moment I entered the show hall, I was gravitated to one of the booths set up by locally unknown brand, Shiro. They had a professionally set up booth in the centre of the exhibition, with green-clad sales executives milling about busily behind the glass counters displaying their digital cameras and MP3 players. At the side was a promotion poster announcing a $369 5.2 megapixels camera. Without knowing, I found myself fondling with the sizable bulk, which led me to plenty of questions on the camera, and finally led my ATM card out of my wallet...

I also bought a MP3 player, though it was not Creative as I had expected earlier. Samsung won my heart with its digital surround sound, coupled with voice recording functions and its support for OGG Vorbis files (though there were a few cheaper imitations of this model floating around elsewhere on the exhibition hall). Here are pictures of the boxes of my recent indulgence: (taken by my new camera of course!)

My Camera

My new MP3 player

Coincidentally, I organised an outing to the zoo on Saturday, which provided me an excellent opportunity to flaunt my photography skills (the lack of). My first attempts at manually controlling the shutter speed to achieve natural lighting for my shots all failed (the samples are still with me, due to my false hope of the miraculous Photoshop wand). Some of the better photographs taken from my house (taken courtesy of the camera's automated function):

My Rig

My Rig (Notice the huge mess)

It's a long way down from here

Oh my goodness! It's a long way down from here!

The industrial estate just before the horizon

The industrial estate just before the horizon

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