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Thursday, June 02, 2005


The middle of 2005 crept upon me before I realised it. Two more months, and I would be packed off to Taiwan for my unit's ATEC; This final bastion marks the ultimate peak of my national service stint, and precedes an inexorable slide into skill decadance and physical irrelevance all the way till my reservist stints.

So far, the last two weeks have been feverishly fast-paced, with a marathon exercise (4 days spent humping a monster load on my shoulders and waist) sapping my physical energy, while re-defining my leg muscles out of the useless mush that has ensued from months of neglect on my part. Today is a cumulation of a week of "recouperation" getting ready for the last exercise before ATEC: a day leave, unexpectedly cleared from the dusty leave book (which has not been touched since March last year).

I woke up this morning to be completely aroused by the companion guide to the local electronics exhibition on the dining table. Flipping through the guide was a total disappointment: not many retailers were participating this year, and the [:: official website ::] was a reminscient of a website straight out of the early 1990s. The buzz online confirmed my suspicions, there was only one retailer selling digital cameras, while the rest were small resellers contented with displaying alien brands like Shiro (surprisingly, a Singaporean brand, which is something to be ashamed of, given the bad experience my friend had with their MP3 players).

I am going down for a reconnaissance session, though it is likely I will find myself saddled with an MP3 player from well-known Creative long before my conscience catches up with my card.

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