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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Finally, I find myself getting some real e-mail!

Amidst the flurry of money lenders clambering for me to borrow from them, I found a tiny piece shouting out, desperate to be heard above the cacophony. Rubbing my hands in glee (and glad to have somebody write to me for a change), I opened it.

And found another future scout! It turned out that he was looking around for more information into this very obscure vocation. Of course I was quite happy to find somebody else trotting down the same path I bashed into just a year ago. It would be nice if you could put your journey down on your blog too!

I am re-discovering the joys of watching television. The feeling is not unlike a cave man learning to start a fire for some purpose other than to burn his hand. The goggle box holds my attention for half-an-hour at a time, and my computer is left in screensaver mode most of the time. Even this blog entry took hours to conscruct! I would write a sentence at a time whenever the commercial comes on, but my train of thought is lost as soon as the program comes back on.

Oh.. Where was I?

Yes, television. I remember vividly my childhood addiction to television shows. They didn't have 24 hour screening back then, and all they showed throughout the few hours it was on air were mundane local dramas with those similar themes of family, children, and job woes. Although times have changed (my platoon mates sedate themselves in front of the box whenever we are not doing anything), the theme remains the same. Thank goodness for imported shows.

Ok, the distraction is getting frustrating. I really should be concentrating on either one of these two, but the television is situated strategically in the living room, along with my computer. I can't help cranking my neck to stare.

Shucks. Sorry for this mess. I will clear this up when I get the opportunity to turn the box off...

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