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Monday, June 13, 2005

Computer Games, and me

A minion monster my character has become, a minature bug manifested on the game mini-map, just pleading with the other players to come and put me out of action: for the umpteenth time.

It has been some time since I have touched DotA, and not only have my skill level fallen drastically, I also made some stupid mistakes that qualified me for the hall of the greenhorn. Should I say that I would be an old greenhorn? Never before have I suffered such a humiliation under other players. Ok, I admit that they are good. Multitudes better than me.

I can't help finding excuses.

I was a poor player, a big cheater when it came to games: the very first computer games I played were offline ones, which enabled me to hack and crack, tilting the scales very much in my favour. I never failed to do this with all the computer games that I played offline, so that pretty much accounts for the lost opportunity I could have used to develop my basic gaming skills. Later on, as newer games came out, and the specifications of my computer stood still in time, I found myself unable to play, and had to resort to exhorbitant LAN shops. That made me play even less often as compared to those privileged enough to splurge.

The end result?

A total push-over. The cannon fodder whose blog you are reading right now needs some time alone.

To mope.

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