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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hilarious spam

Well, spam seems to have taken a hilarious turn.

When I looked into the trash bin today, I found 6 new pieces of those time wasters hanging precariously to their existence -- literally. Apparently, spammers have taken the liberty to put jokes into their illegal advertisements, in the hope of escaping my bayesian filters. Sad to say, their desperate efforts were rendered futile by the very construct of the filters... They managed to zap and erradicate these bugging critters, and sent them to digital waste bin -- effortlessly.

(I guess I was being a bit dramatic with all that descriptives.. An attack of descriptive descriptions?)

Just watching the filter do its job gave me an immense sense of satisfaction: No longer would I be pestered by irritating time wasters advocating Viagra, or that new fangled condom which is thoroughly scented with honey (doubt that it would aid the routine in any way)!

It is just me, my legitimate mail, and my friends! It is high time that everybody installed bayesian filters too, to regain your control over your mailbox!

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