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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Gloom (and even gloomier?)

The overcast sky totally described my gloom today. Now that I have come to the end of the course, my platoon commander passed word that I was supposed to book back into camp tomorrow. Even the feel of the precious piece of paper that is my military driving licence in my hands was unable to lift my spirits appreciably, which depressed me even more, possibly setting myself up for a huge plunge into a mental diagnosis.

I've tried to pinpoint the reason, but so far I have not been able to truly get a reason for that. For all I know, I might be suffering from self-induced depression! I've done it plenty of times [booking in to camp], and I've always been none the worse for it. However, this nagging depression will continue to bug me until I finally get around to book in time, when I will drag my feet up to my bunk in dejected resignation to my fate for the remaining 2 years.

I had not even noticed it: Today is the sixth month milestone in my national service, which leaves me with a slightly less ardous task of going through exactly another two years of military service, before I finally get my already itchy hands on my pink (civilian) identification card. Already, my head is spinning in excitement at the thought of being free from military constrains again...

I guess I need more than the mandated 7 hours of sleep to get my old system back online...

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