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Saturday, May 21, 2005

In my honest opinion...

Having a blog stitched to my personal bio can really be a pain in the proverbial backside: I can't comment about people I know online, simply because the resulting backlash would be a total pain in the (I guess you know).

But now, I am making an exception. Much aside to keeping my opinions in the dark about certain people on the job, I am breaking my silence for once on one very pivotal person in my national service. Recent events have made me quite dark and gloomy (apart from my failure to fully use my motivation books), and he has been quite irrational, if not totally uncomprehensible in the past weeks.

As any caring leader would, he usually finds time to visit our bunks, even to pop in for a few moments to chat for a few moments. The trouble is, most of us would be off in dream land whenever he arrives, which seems to trouble him a lot. Unknown to him, our little act of escapism was really our only way of passing time: there is only this amount of television and newspapers that we national servicemen will read, and frankly speaking, most of us were not in the army by choice.
Just yesterday, determined not to leave the idle ones to the zee-monster, he pushed the whole platoon to the central motorised transport line (CMTL), activating around 4 vehicles, when just 2 are sufficient. If not the insufficient number of vehicles at our disposal, surely the huge assembly at the vehicle HQ would have been a strange sight, not to mention a waste of time.

Furthermore, his friendly and open demeanor seems to have been shelved: I can see some disturbances, and feel them, yet I can't even begin to put my finger on the exact trouble. His jokes have shifted from small jabs about our perpetual sleeping ritual to outright disapproval, of which I am tired of hearing.

I cannot understand his obsession with doing physical training on the same day as outfield training: I do my own runs on weekends, and the day before, I had even gone on my own fartlek, in the erroneous belief that there would be sufficient rest before bashing about up knolls in the afternoon. Regretfully, I totally crashed out for mission that day, after my legs went numb: even some of the commanders shared our agreement about the morning run.

Before I let you dear readers jump to a conclusion, I must add that he is an excellent commander: so far, nobody else has exceeded his nice attitude towards us, and I am glad to say that I am happy to be under him. He drives for the best out of everybody when it comes to the crunch time, and he really gets our support with those little things, and his jovial personality. I really hope that this is only a small patch in the long path on which we are running.

To you if you happen to read this: I wasn't sleeping on the MB back to camp, I was meditating.

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