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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Military Mind Block

Sometimes, being handed a blank piece of paper, and asked to write about anything is just about the toughest topic anybody can be handed. Ironic, since we all like to complain about the limitations that certain topics would confine us to. Remember your essay writing in college? There were many fallacies to avoid, ambiguous points you couldn't make. Heck, you even had trouble thinking about what to write.

Now an empty page just sitting there waiting to be filled! Many of my blogger friends have been stumped by the lack of stuff to write, with some resorting to avoiding their own blogs for a certain period until they can find something to write about.

I have thought about leveraging this lack of topic to jump start our creativity. After all, we all have tried to occupy ourselves when we were young (us 1980s, before the age of wide-spread computer games and consoles), and didn't we manage well then?

I still remembered that I loved to play "Family" with my playground mates. I would be the father, and some of the smaller ones would be the kids, while the girls fussed around them like protective hens. I didn't remember going to the playground that often after I got my own computer and internet connection (which was around 2001).

In case you were wondering: yes, I am suffering from a certain degree of writer's block... not only has my time spent in the army dulled my vocabulary (I find it tough to throw up descriptive words, and those that managed to come up are the simple ones you see here), and my spelling has gotten so atrocious that a spell checker is no longer an optional program on my computer, where once I could wield a magic pen in my secondary school days (hey, I got A1 for my English, didn't I) and dazzle readers with my imagination, but it has also limited my involvement in activities outside the military. Help me! My world revolves around the army!

People used to come up to me to ask me about everything: I used to have answers for most of them (that's what reading does to you), but nowadays, I become the dumb one. Not that I did not have time to catch up on world affairs — but I am either sleeping off mental and physical fatigue, or am fighting them during my physical training... The rest of the time is spent cooped up with books (should I say, military thriller books?) or evading the [>>> usual internal quarrels <<<].

As they might say, my transformation is complete: I now breathe, eat, sleep, and read the army. Long live the military!

P.S. (I have just edited my post: I realised that I have made more mistake than I could catch in my proof-reading.) Thank you, army!

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