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Saturday, February 05, 2005

3 Free invites to GMail

I currently have 3 G-Mail invites to give out.

Yes, you can now have an account with the coolest e-mail service around, with 1,000 megabytes of storage space, for all those spam mail, hate mail, fan mail, chain mail that you get in your e-mail. Plus you get to archive it so that years down the road, you will dig out that tearful farewell e-mail you sent your girlfriend...

I got my account with Google due to the grace of a stranger (whom I might never get to know, because he didn't contact me even when I have finished creating my account with his GMail invitation), so I am giving it back, 3 fold. This is also to thank all you blog readers for reading my blog. But if you already have a GMail account, please don't ask for more. Let's keep it for those who have not been touched by the magic of GMail.

Hurry now, while stocks last.

Email me to get the invites (limited to the first 3 who asks for it, for obvious reasons).

Remember to give out your invites when you do get to! Let's spread the love of sharing around!

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