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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sterile, very sterile

I wonder if anybody has ever thought of this: Being in the armed forces, opportunities abound for those colourful descriptions of the various human body parts. Why is this blog so devoid of the actual army experience?

Firstly, let me assure you, that I am in no way some weirdo who does not spew sailor-grade swear words. In fact, they come out of my mouth as often as any one else's. However, as any child-protection agency can attest to, this is one of the most sterile blogs they would ever see -- from a military personnel.

I have set this goal: to get people to read about my writings (ok, typings), so I figured that vulgarities cater to a too exclusive audience, so I thought I might want to come clean on my writings. There is another reason for my doggedness for proper writing: If you have been following my musings ever since the first post, you would have realised that I was mulling over re-taking my "A" levels. I doubt that the script marker would have a high opinion of writings of that level.

Besides that point, one of my agendas (yes, that practical word. I have an agenda!) is to expose a crack to the military world, and maybe help change some misguided conceptions regarding military personnel. Like how some people think of people wearing army uniforms as smelly, when the various camps enforce compulsory showers before an appearance in the public...

But I guess certain stuff that I do would have to be kept under certain amounts of cover -- who knows what sensitive information I might reveal accidentally on this blog? Ah... the realism of doing intelligence work.

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