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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Laid back for 3 more days

In a situation typical of the Singapore Armed Forces, we are forced to take 3 days leave as the superiors go for their live range this week. It all sounds like a major conspiracy to clear all my leave this year, so that I would have to beg for "offs", which are extra leaves granted ("A privilege, not an entitlement," my platoon commander told us very seriously).

Anyway, the rest of the guys in my bunk seem very excited by the whole thing (I guess I should, since we are kept locked up in camp for 5 days out of 7), and they have started planning for all sorts of outings. I for one am not very excited. Even though being on the Internet 24/3 is a very tantalising thought, I figured that my mom would not be very excited about me staring at the computer the entire day.

"I would not want you to become a geek, staring at the computer all day," she would begin...

"Be careful! You will burn a hole in the monitor if you keep the computer switched on the whole day!" she berates 3 hours into my online world.

"You will pay for this month's electricity bill?"

"... Do you want to spoil your eyesight?"

"I am sure your brother would appreciate it if you kept the computer switched off while he is studying..."

I guess her concerns are valid (though I am doubtful about the part regarding the big black hole in the monitor), but did she have to keep it up every hour?

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