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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Towards the land directly south of Japan

Metaphorically, I have butterflies in my stomach.

In reality, I am tossing and turning in my bed.

Less than 9 hours from now, I will find myself on board a plane bound for the land of Jacky Wu, Nono and Kang Kang. No, not to see them, of course, but I would be in their country/province (antagonists in that famous debate may pick your word) for a whole month.

Cheap milk tea makes me salivate, but the thought of scaling the mountains there has only given me more butterflies.

You see, they like to start small. Disguising themselves as easily dismissable feelings, they hide in your stomach. Then as the departure date rolls nearer, they start to get big — exponentially.

So here I am trying hard to keep the butterflies inside my stomach. (I won't want them out, though, it kind of messes up the floor tiles.)

For one month, I will miss my family, my computer, my favourite hang outs, my favourite food, and most important of all: my room. I like the mess, it has made my mother nag, but it is the only place which I am legally permitted to let loose without prosecution.

But don't worry about updates. The computers in the camp are outfitted with speedy access to U.S. servers, so much so that the only limitation stopping me from updating this blog is my lack of time. I have no doubt that I would be busy, and the 3rd biggest boss has already given an indication of the things to come.

There they go again. Them butterflies really begin to annoy.

Let's see: I will miss the strict traffic order, especially driving on the correct side of the road, the reassurance that I won't get lost...

Well, now that has come, let's see what I would have one full month of:
Betel nuts (reddish stuff that people chew and spit out), cheap milk tea, interesting toys, huge dildos (I saw one on my last trip there), mountains, ninja vans, mountains, photos (I have learnt my lesson: my camera is coming with me this time around)... Have I mentioned mountains?

I am sure that things would turn out just fine, and I would probably just come back a very happy person, since that should be the last of my outfields.

Yup, it would turn out fine...

Till the next post!

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