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Saturday, August 28, 2004

5 day work week

I seem to be slightly behind my blogging schedule lately. Ok, I admit, I have not been disciplined enough to think about what to write. Recently thinking has been a foggy haze which prevents my brain from functioning properly -- especially when I have been through some streneous physical activity. Just yesterday, I caught myself calling the "Battalion Signals Officer" the "Signal Battlefield Occifer", and almost addressed my company sergeant major as "sir", something which would have earned me even more extra duties...

Besides that, the interesting thing that happened for the whole of this week would be the commotion over the recent announcement of the "5-day work week" for the civil service. "It includes the army, you see," my buddy, with his ears permanently stuck to the radio told me. "So I guess our long week-end would now start from Thursday?" one of my bunk mates asked, to shouts of delight, and causing some of the inquisitive sergeants to pop right in...

I guess now that we are no longer trainees, regimentation would take a practical twist. As my platoon sergeant put it, "I will not demand from you guys what I cannot do myself". I guess that means the days of doing push-ups over the speck of dust on the otherwise spotless table are over. But since our cupboards was in a mess, he made us tidy the whole place up before allowing us to book out. We watched ruefully as some of the platoons left first... But hey, at least we didn't do push ups! (Or did that have something to do with the sergeants, whom have left their cupboards in the same condition?) The mind boogles...

My computer was in a mess when I came back. The amount of junk programs was astonishing! I had plenty of old "productivity suites" which I had painstakenly downloaded when I was still on the drag of an internet connection. The amount of data I freed up? 3 gigs. I am personally horrified at what a troll I have become!

Have you done spring cleaning on your computer yet? Maybe you will end up dumping even more data than I did!

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